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Tibetan Dog
Via della Ficoncella Snc
Civitavecchia (RM) - ITALY

Tibetan Dog is the name of an ambitious project about the oldest and most legendary breed in the world: the Tibetan Mastiff.

Our goal is to restore the original value of the breed for a long time mortified by bloodlines of dubious origin, drawing from the best aboriginal dogs. Through numerous trips to the lands of origin (throughout China and in particular the plateau of Qinghai, Tibet) with considerable investment of time and resources we were able to select and import mastiff of remarkable quality to be able to finally get the authentic Tibetan mastiff also available outside of China.




Puppies 40 days
Hong Mu and Caesy Mei's puppies are growing really well. At forty days of age are clearly visible some peculiarities Read more...
Imports from China 2013 
During the month of March, we went back to China and we had the pleasure to meet again our partners in Beijing Read more...
Visitors from China Last week we were very happy to receive the visit of a dear friend, Mrs Sunny, from Jinxi Kennel in Beijing (China). During the 3 day stay, Read more...