Il Mastino Tibetano o Tibetan Mastiff in inglese č il tipo di animale selezionato dell'allevamento 'tibetan dog'. Cuccioli in vendita. Tibetan mastiff or Mastino tibetano in italian is the selected pet in the 'tibetan dog' kennel. puppies for selling



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Tibetan Mastiff Kennel
Strada Ficoncella, 15 Loc. Casale Bruciato
Civitavecchia (RM) - ITALY

We have an ambitious project about the oldest and most legendary breed in the world: the Tibetan Mastiff.

Our goal is to restore the original value of the breed for a long time mortified by bloodlines of dubious origin, drawing from the best aboriginal dogs.

Through numerous trips to the lands of origin (throughout China and in particular the plateau of Qinghai, Tibet and the regions of Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan) with considerable investment of time and resources we were able to select and import mastiff of remarkable quality to be able to finally get the authentic Tibetan mastiff also available outside of China.




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